Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What's your wish?

I watched Aladin last night, and came to think of wishes.

All of us have some wishes, and even if they are many, we would like to believe they are just a few! :) In the past as well, you must have had them. Some of them got fulfilled and made you happy. Though, the joy might have lasted for few hours or so. Some of them didn't get fulfill and you were sad. But after sometime (may be years), you realised it was good, infact very good that they didn't get fulfill and that made you happy.

Even though, we have been having so many wishes, so different from eachother, since the time we got to know to wish, isn't there something common in all of them? Are we in search of something? Is our each wish an attempt to get that something?

I am not able to figure out that! Can you?


  1. May all your wishes get fulfilled. Jai guru dev :)

  2. I am remembered of the common hindi movie dialogue, "Meri ek akhree khwaish puri kar do" :)

    I am also not able to figure out? may be soul satisfaction s not that easy task....

  3. sometimes when wishes dnt cum true...it is definitely for the gud!:)

  4. @Dhandal: Thanks, dear. :)

    @Suresh: Ya, not an easy task! :D But worth spending time on. :)

    @Pooja: Absolutely! :)

  5. hmmm ..nice thought exercise :)
    @common things...
    1) All wishes are the signs which show that life unfolds slowly and you cannot have everything at once be it a millionare or a begger everyone has to have a wish.

    2)All the wishes are about the things which are lacking in our life.They are the result of current scenario.

    @ Search
    Ya we are always in search for what we wish :)

    -Kasturi Shinde

  6. Well, i guess the common wish what all of us are searching throughout from the time we came in this world, is the blissfull happiness and unconditional love.. and both are available if one starts communicating with full due respect with his spiritual master and the supreme lord.:-)

  7. You have just one Life...so live it King Size....!!!!


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