Friday, December 24, 2010

SMS at 3.13am

Many a times, we read a sentence and just because we know the dictionary meaning of each and every word used in that sentence, we think that we have completely understood the sentence.

Today, at 3.13am, I received a sms from an unsaved number. Usually, I am in deep sleep at that time but today I was awake just few minutes before the sms arrived. As if I was awakened just to read the sms! And ofcoarse, I went to sleep after reading it.

I read the sms, and like they show in carton, a bulb lit above my head. I had found a deeper meaning in the sentence!

Here is the gem:
"If you have trascended the mind then there is happiness, calmness, serenity throughout."

I feel, whenever I am unhappy, it is not because I am not having a particular thing that I want, but it is rather because my mind is completely successful at making me believe that, unless I have that particular thing, I won't be happy.

May God bless that Unknown (until now) person who sent me that sms!!! :)
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