Sunday, December 20, 2009

I See You

Well, "I See You" means more than just mere seeing in Na'vi langauge.  By the way, the Na'vi are inhabitants of Pandora. :)

I watched this movie "Avatar" yesterday and am totally blown up by it! It is one of the best movies I have seen till date. I had totally gone into the movie, though it was 2D. I will surely watch it's 3D version, if I got the chance.

The movie has got a superb story, and the breakthrough technology is nicely used to present the beautiful masterpiece.

Some movies have a soul. This is one of them.
Do watch it, if not in 3D than atleast on a very big screen!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Thanks to VV

Thanks to VV, my blog got a new look! :) Here is how.

On Saturday evening as I was surfing through blogs, I came across this blog whose template I noticed has been changed. I didn't feel the new template was a good one and put a comment on that blog regarding the same. In reply I was asked if I could help in renovation of that blog. Long ago, I had bookmarked few sites where good templates could be found. And I was to find one for my blog in future from these sites. So, I emailed this list to VV.

Then I thought, let me also find a good template, enough of postponding. After spending few minutes, I got a nice template. It had a very pleasing header picture. But I did't like its body. So spend next few minutes to modify that. Later on I realised it was futile to do so and decided to modify my old minimal template by myself! :) And the end result is what you see.

Thanks VV. :)

PS: The photo is of my blog's old looks.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What's your wish?

I watched Aladin last night, and came to think of wishes.

All of us have some wishes, and even if they are many, we would like to believe they are just a few! :) In the past as well, you must have had them. Some of them got fulfilled and made you happy. Though, the joy might have lasted for few hours or so. Some of them didn't get fulfill and you were sad. But after sometime (may be years), you realised it was good, infact very good that they didn't get fulfill and that made you happy.

Even though, we have been having so many wishes, so different from eachother, since the time we got to know to wish, isn't there something common in all of them? Are we in search of something? Is our each wish an attempt to get that something?

I am not able to figure out that! Can you?
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