Friday, March 12, 2010

Some Gyan from Vidya

Many times we are afraid to do things which are good to us just because what others would say. I came across this piece of article by Vidya Balan on Women's day issue of TimesLife.

I was very young when I heard this story. It was as much a source of inspiration then as it is now. The story is about the frog. He, along with many other animals , was trying to make it to the top of the well. While he took one step at a time, he realised there were animals below him who told him that he shouldn’t  try and that he would slip and fall and never make it. There were animals at the top who told him to give up because it was useless and that he would eventually fall.

Guess what? The frog made it to the top! Everyone was shocked. The animals asked him, "How did you manage this difficult feat?" They got no answer. They asked him repeatedly until they realised that the frog was deaf!

PS: I guess sometimes it is in our best interest to be intentionally deaf. What do you say?
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