Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mission Navaratri

Level 1 (Mummy) : Completed
Level 2 (Pappa)     : Completed
Level 3 (Boss)        : Completed
Tickets                        : Confirmed
My first ever kurta : Bought  (inspired by BnD)
Packing                       : Pending
Depature                    : 24 Sept (tomorrow)
Feeling                        : Lucky :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monday morning & Excitement

I know Monday morning and excitement is a very difficult combo, almost impossible. You may ask, what on Earth are you so excited about on a monday morning? Is there no office today, or is your boss not there today? No. Your b'day? No. First date? Nopes! :) Then what is IT???

Well, today I am going to attend something very special.
If you are one of those DDLJ fans, you will love IT.
If you love ice-cream, chocolate, pani-puri and/or gulam-jamun, you will love IT.
If you are one of those who like to make their feet wet in sea/river water, take a view from top of hills, smell flowers and/or click snaps of butterflies, you will ...
If you have a GF or BF, you will ...

Basically, if you have ever loved anyone or anything in your life, you will love IT.

Here is your chance to guess what IT can be! :)
Do comment.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

What do you do when..

What do you do when
Few sentences from a mouth
And you have started doubting your intelligence.

What do you do when
You are made to feel guilty
And you still don't know
What was your fault.

What do you do when
A question is to come towards you
And you still haven't got answer for it.

What do you do when
You are planning to clean up the mess
And more mess is added to it.

I surrender.
I surrender all my miseries to Him.

PS: I was in hurry to write down this poem while in this state, since this state won't last for a long. Kya kare, it's being raining Grace on me, na! :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ganesha's visit

 A ritual to be performed by newly wed women.

Cool na?
This is at my grandfather's place.

The fruits are kept hanging, and are plucked on the last day after the aarti.
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