Monday, December 7, 2009

Thanks to VV

Thanks to VV, my blog got a new look! :) Here is how.

On Saturday evening as I was surfing through blogs, I came across this blog whose template I noticed has been changed. I didn't feel the new template was a good one and put a comment on that blog regarding the same. In reply I was asked if I could help in renovation of that blog. Long ago, I had bookmarked few sites where good templates could be found. And I was to find one for my blog in future from these sites. So, I emailed this list to VV.

Then I thought, let me also find a good template, enough of postponding. After spending few minutes, I got a nice template. It had a very pleasing header picture. But I did't like its body. So spend next few minutes to modify that. Later on I realised it was futile to do so and decided to modify my old minimal template by myself! :) And the end result is what you see.

Thanks VV. :)

PS: The photo is of my blog's old looks.


  1. :) Feeling honoured. I never knew you had a blog. Now bit busy with profession. will change the template soon..Keep blogging...

  2. this looks gud ..even the old one did :)

  3. @Vini V: May you get the best template. :)

    @Priya Joyce: Thanks! :)
    And welcome to my blog.

  4. hi,

    Really nice template............
    well i think you might be able to give me also a few suggestion about the template.

  5. I luv the caption ur blog holds.."Get wet, get infected.."..Haha :P

  6. @Kanchan: Thanks.:)
    Your blog already looks great. You may fix the twitter link though. :)

    @Anshika: Last night, I was wondering whether anybody have noticed the caption or not! Is it to small? Should I change it's size and colour?
    Finally, someone did! :)
    Feels good. :)

  7. Hey i really liked it....
    gud yaar!!

  8. @Nupur: Thanks! :)
    And welcome to this blog. :)


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