Saturday, February 13, 2010


I was reading article on Shivaratri  by Sri Sri and then this one line struck me. "Be grateful for the happiness which leads to growth, and also for sadness which gives depth to life."

Being grateful for happiness is alright, but being grateful for sadness? How can or rather why should we be grateful for sadness? Those of you who have just come out of sadness or are going through it, would be in better position to understand my question.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I assume few of you might have gone through sadness due to heart-break, break-up, absence of a lover or other heart related issues. Do you think the sadness you went through has given depth to your life?

You are free to answer it even if you never had any heart related issues, though I doubt you never had any! :)


  1. New Looks great! I love the banner pic. Was it always there or did i take notice today?

    I guess being grateful for the sadness just makes you realise your own depth and what all you are capable of.

    Oh! So the V Day fever seems to have bitten you too!

  2. Yups! It brings depth to your life! It lets u know that sumthing r not under ur control and u shud acknowledge the fact that nature or fate s far more superior to u. It makes one humble....

    Thats all I can say... and Happy Vantine's day..

  3. It's true what suresh said.. but i guess it's partially true.. one cannot say fate is superior.. fate is the output of our action. so the fate is responsible for sadness.. on the other hand, we should be grateful to each and every thing that god has given.. so one should be grateful to both sadness and happiness:-)


  4. @Dhandal, Suresh, Rakesh: Thanks for those thoughtful comments. :)

    @Dhandal: Please refer to "Thanks to VV".

    V-day fever! :P Ab tak tho V ka kuch ata-pata nahi hai! :D Bas day hai, V nahi hai.

  5. Hey nands....
    What i feel is when we are happy we turn outwards i.e we shout it out to the world..we celebrate..we never doubt the reasos for happines .Whereas when we are sad we turn inwards..i.e we think ..we ask questions to ourselves.. to the god..we retrospect..we sadness we know ourselves yes it does result in profundity ..but i agree that we dislike that depth for sure :)

  6. @Kasturi: As always, your comment contains a lot of awareness about what goes on within us! :)


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