Saturday, December 17, 2011


While reading an article on 'Microeconomics', I came across this:
"Individuals make decisions based on the concept of utility. In other words, the decision made by the individual is supposed to increase that individual's happiness or satisfaction."
Please note The words "supposed to".

Once when I was a school going kid, I wanted a particular book of puzzles. I had thought if I get it, that's it, then I don't want anything else. I will be happy forever, just that I have to get it. I got it. Then I thought the same thing about Atlas book. I got it. And then ..the list continued.

You too must have got things, you once wished for. Did they give the amount of happiness, you had thought they would, and in case they did, for how much duration did that happiness last?

PS. My current wish is to play Battlefield 3.


  1. My Wish.. Take a big break.. and breathe!! :)

  2. Kyaa baat hei....

    actually nands...what u know sahi maine mei in true sense i mean there's I guess just wanting a thing which we r almost sure we'll get is wat gives us true happiness...

  3. @aparnata: Winter Break? :)

    @Priya Joyce: But when you don't get what you were 100% sure of getting, don't you get a hell lot of pain?

  4. Very Nice post Nands! Its the fact that once our wish gets fulfilled, we run after another one. This way the cycle continues and we remains in the Chakraviyuh of this world. The only way to escape from this is Seva,Sadhna and Satsang, this gives the absolute happiness as if millions and billions of our wishes has been fulfilled and we are left with just ourselves and God :) Jai Gurudeva :)

  5. Well... yups... my collection of tintin comics still gives me a lot of satisfaction everytime I read it.

    and like u said to pj, we definitely get lot of pain when we don't get what we were 100% sure of getting... see those students who expect good marks and don't get the same....


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