Saturday, July 31, 2010

My taste

This movie was released few months back. There was a lot of hype about it. But when it was released, the reviews said, it's not so good. Considering the genre of the movie this movie was never on my to-be-watched-movies list. My friends who saw it regretted to see it. As per them, other than good sceneries there was nothing in the movie. Many have warned me against watching it.

Today, I happen to see this movie. I liked it very much. I am shocked on my taste. How can I like a movie, which almost everyone have not liked? This movie is Raavan.

May be I saw something which others skipped! :P:)


  1. u need to improve ur taste.. :P

    PS: good picture.

  2. hehehe
    u liked raavan?
    I mean yeh it's all abt hw u ssee thngs ..evn I hav liked so many movies which my frnds hav hated..this means ravan is worth watching :D

  3. Hmm... some reviews kept me away from the movie... Let me give it a thought :)

  4. I really liked it. But I would say this is not the best of Mani Sir !! It had some very nice n touching scenes, but the script was weak.....

  5. Hmmm interesting! Sometimes it happens! You know I liked Kites and most of my friends don't, so maybe my taste is also a lil bit different! ok I'll watch this movie and will tell you how was it?? :D


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