Thursday, November 5, 2009

It happens.

Yesterday evening, while I had gone to market with Y, felt hungry. So, thought of going to a newly opened restuarant.

I ordered Aloo chaat + Vegetable cheese sandwich + Chicoo shake. And I tell you that was the most horrible combination I have ever had. While the sandwich was still to come, I felt no space to have more!
While the individual items were good to taste, together they were too heavy for me.

Finally, had to take the sandwich home! :P
And I was telling Y, hope the sandwich don't get sandwiched in my bag!!!


  1. So wats the condition of ur sandwich now???

    i home u dont have a upset tummy!


  2. For a moment I thought you would reflect on a deeper parallel...of the mind's desire being more than the capacity to enjoy :)

  3. Welcome Priya! :)
    I had never before in my life Aloo chaat, so was ignorant about its space requirement! It was a matter of miscalculation rather than greed I suppose.
    Anyways, it seems my blog have got one more intelligent reader!!! :)


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