Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monday morning & Excitement

I know Monday morning and excitement is a very difficult combo, almost impossible. You may ask, what on Earth are you so excited about on a monday morning? Is there no office today, or is your boss not there today? No. Your b'day? No. First date? Nopes! :) Then what is IT???

Well, today I am going to attend something very special.
If you are one of those DDLJ fans, you will love IT.
If you love ice-cream, chocolate, pani-puri and/or gulam-jamun, you will love IT.
If you are one of those who like to make their feet wet in sea/river water, take a view from top of hills, smell flowers and/or click snaps of butterflies, you will ...
If you have a GF or BF, you will ...

Basically, if you have ever loved anyone or anything in your life, you will love IT.

Here is your chance to guess what IT can be! :)
Do comment.


  1. i sware it is amazing.....n i'm loving IT!

  2. i will sleep monday mornin if i hav sunday duty.simple:)


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