Tuesday, August 25, 2009

On being sweet

Yesterday night, VJ asked me "did you have food?". I said "No, don't feel like having. Had so many sweets today!". On this VJ said, "By having too much of sweet, we have become too much of sweet".
So sweeet, na? :)

Wish you all a very sweetful Ganesh Chathurti.

PS: Here VJ is NOT a performance artist who introduces and plays videos but one who makes us perform. :)


  1. So i guess VJ is someone as sweet as you and someone really special ;)

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I didnt find your email id anywhere. Leave it as a comment on my blog.
    Jai gurudev!


  2. @Anandita: It seems you too had lot of sweets! :)

  3. VJ is very sweet....n really she does make u perform.....he he he....Jai Gurudev


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